Summing IT Up

IT as we know is very much in demand this year not only in the Philippines but also worldwide. It is one of the reasons that we studied a lot about the subject as it will not just give us opportunities but also the knowledge necessary to cope up with this ever changing world. When I was working in a financial institution, the IT department was a crucial part that has been there from the start of my job even up to the day I left. They recorded the necessary security requirements to enter banking premises up to the passwords to gain access to banking applications. They were on there for any system troubleshooting or additional banking transactions. Thus, IT was already a huge part of my career.  From that experience, I valued IT even more and enforcing my belief that I need to study IT more. Now that I am into business, the knowledge that I gained will be beneficial to my endeavors. From IT lectures to laboratory applications of advance MS Excel understanding and MS Access familiarity is already an advantage for me because at this day and age, any additional knowledge we gain will put us into better positions.


Social Media 2016

Social Media as defined by Wikipedia are computer-mediated tools that allow people or companies to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks. On my part, I used social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram. On a personal level, I can connect with my friends of old and new through these applications. I am able to communicate with my love ones that are located on the other side of the world through sharing of pictures and videos with them. On the other hand, in terms of business, I can update my clients through posting of updated information about any products and services that I can offer. Customer response can be accessed easily without the expenses required prior to age of social media. The responses can be used effectively to further improve my products and services.

With my experiences above, as a responsible user o social media, I will:

  1. Respect the posts, comments and opinions of others in social media.
  2. Be careful in posting or sharing of information.
  3. Not be carried away in too much social media activities.
  4. Not tag other people without their permission.
  5. Learn new things as much as possible.


Software Piracy

Software piracy has been in the industry since paid software was invented. And this is common in developing countries like the Philippines. For me, it is reasonable to blame someone using pirated software. Even though the average monthly income of the Filipinos is much lower than other countries, there are still some free and open software or alternative options available for those in need. This is not just about the savings that they may accumulate but also the ethical perspective of using pirated software. As we know, piracy is a form of stealing the ideas of other people. We should put ourselves in their perspective and take note of the hard work they put into them. Thus, we should respect the innovations of other people.

Software companies can tap the services of the legislative sector and push them to create stricter reforms. That they could a sanction for people caught using pirated software and paying fines for them. This will then make the people pressured to buy legal software to not get in trouble with the law. On the other hand, they may also tap the DepEd to educate the youth about software piracy and the other ethical issues.

Knowledge Management

“Knowledge management is a method to simplify and improve the process of creating, sharing, distributing, capturing, and understanding knowledge in a company” this is according to Karlsen & Gottschalk. Thus, any organization or company will significantly benefit from Knowledge Management or KM. In our organization which is a trucking business, the managers and the employees will be able to communicate effectively as understanding will be simplified. The employees will be aware of the task at hand without too much queries or assistance.

However, the implementation of the KM will face various barriers in a simple organization such as ours. For one, most of the employees are not educated when it comes to the latest technologies or even the basics of computer usage. Next is the access to the technologies which is necessary for the modernization of the business. Nevertheless, they possess complex knowledge and skills that are necessary for the business. They are highly trainable which a good trait to counter the barriers discussed. As the quote states “knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is empowerment”, training and educating them about knowledge management will be able to yield positive results both for the business and the employees.

Effective Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence (BI) is defined by as a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and other end users make more informed business decisions. It has different tools that may range from spreadsheets, data mining to reality mining that significantly helps in extraction and analysis of data.

Various organizations are known to use these business intelligence tools in different fields and industry. However, employees tend to take the said applications or tools for granted thus eliminating the competitive advantage the organization may possibly have.  It is just fitting for the organization to include the use of these applications in the KRA (Key Results Area) or targets of the employees to encourage them to fully utilize the tools.  Proper training and orientation should also be done by the organizations prior to the use of the business intelligence tools so that the employees will be able to appreciate and be motivated to do their jobs. As we all know, appreciation and job satisfaction often result to an effective and efficient use of technologies provided by the organization.


The development of technology made our lives easier. Shopping on the internet for one is very convenient for me. I could just look at all of the items I want and need in my home while sitting in front of my computer. It save me from the hustle of walking around a mall or store to get the items that I want. It is also easier for me to compare items because I could just search and look at them. But shopping on the internet also has some flaws. One is that it takes some time for a delivery to arrive. And when buying clothes, it is not easy to choose the proper size because of the lack of fitting. But the most horrible thing in buying items from the internet is getting scammed and paying a lot of money for nothing.

The three products that I would buy in a second are the shoes, hats, and bags. I would buy these items because they have specific sizes that can easily be determined. The three products on the other hand that I would hesitate to buy are phones, laptop, and cars. These items are expensive which means many people would try to make a scam about these to get some money.

Shopping on the internet may be convenient for us consumers, but we must always consider the risks involve in the transactions we make.

Wireless World

Long distance, reliable way of communicating, and cheap service are three characteristic that in the 1990s are unheard of in a single sentence. But in present time, those three are combined and used by people every day as a daily necessity. And this is all thanks to the wireless network technologies that we use in today from smartphones to tablets. This is also with the huge help of the internet. It has made it easier to talk with a person all away on the other side of the planet with either calling or chatting with applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But wireless network technologies are a vital ingredient in the field of business today. It has made differences in the way of communication in an organization. An example of this is the capabilities of video conferencing. It has made it possible to interview aspiring people to apply for jobs or even having a meeting without the actual people being in a single place. It has also made people more portable in doing work. It has made it possible to do a word document in a personal computer in an office, continue on the go to edit and finish it in a smartphone, and then present it to a group of people on a tablet. And this has really helped in the development and improvement of businesses today. However, guidelines should be followed in ensure the safe usage of wireless networks. Aside from having the fast and reliable network, it should be password protected and encrypted to ensure privacy and safety of information.

Outsourcing I.T. Security

Among the various departments in an organization or a company, the Information Technology (I.T.) Department plays a crucial role in achieving the goals set by the managers.  Being in the modern period where the computers are well depended in the organization, the I.T Department develops and maintains these office and networking equipment. Thus, the security of the said department or the security of the I.T. should be prioritized by the owners or the managers to avoid the necessary risk and to prevent delays and downtime.

One of the options is to outsource I.T. security from known and trusted organizations in order for the company to focus on other important transactions. The main risk involved in outsourcing I.T. security is the loss or breach of data.  With the risks in mind, stipulations should be made by the organization.  Intellectual property rights of the organization should be considered to protect the corporate data, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. A nondisclosure agreement should be made between two parties namely the organization and the company in which I.T. security will be outsourced in order for the company to establish liability in case of data leakage.

Management Skills for Information Systems

Managers are the most important part of an organization. They are required to do important decisions that can either be beneficial or detrimental for the company. Thus they should be equipped with various set of skills whenever they are presented with those complicated situations. In terms of information system decisions, the top skills that managers should have to participate effectively are the conceptual skills, communication skills and motivational skills.

Conceptual skills are the skills possess mostly by high ranking managers. This is the study of the entire organization, relationship among its members, the technology and how it fits in a larger environment. This skill set is required for abstract and complex situations that are in need of immediate solutions.

Communication skills on the other hand, are the skills use by managers to connect with the employees or the members. Good communication skills will help the members understand the decisions made by the managers. In this regard, any changes that may occur will not demoralize the employees

Lastly, motivational skills are the skills of the manager that will encourage the members to focus the on the goals of an organization. With the decisions in place, motivated employees will embrace the decision and work for the benefit of the organization.

IT and Me

“The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.” – Steve Ballmer

This quote from Steve Ballmer, a former CEO of Microsoft, can capture the thought that I have about IT. It is true that IT empowers me to do what I want to do. It helps me in doing my everyday task easier compare to what other generations before have. It helped me in communicating with my loved ones that are away from me. It helps in reducing the feeling of missing them. I can text, voice call, or even video call my love whenever I want which is very convenient.


Another thing that can be applied to my life about the quote is that it helped me in being more productive in my studies and work. IT has made it easier for making projects and paper works to be done. When I have made a paper that is still unfinished in the work place or school, I can still continue in my home because I can upload it to the internet or save it in a portable drive. And now in today’s technology, it has also made it more convenient to share and use different file formats between personal computers and smartphones. This has been very handy to me whenever I have to travel and get moving.